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Miguel Aguado

Postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, Garching, Germany.
Works on topological order and topological ideas in quantum information.

Thomas Barthel

i'm interested in strongly correlated quantum systems (phases, dynamics, scaling of entanglement) and work on numerical techniques like DMRG and tensor network states.

Sylvain Capponi

is professor at Toulouse University, interested in strongly correlated systems, quantum magnetism, spin liquids, cold atoms, and computational techniques.

Claudia De Grandi

graduate student at Boston University, now KITP fellow at UCSB for the fall semester
Research: dynamics in strongly correlated systems, cold atoms, one-dimensional systems

Matthew P.A. Fisher

Sarang Gopalakrishnan

grad student at UIUC; KITP fellow. Interested in: non-equilibrium phenomena, quantum criticality, disordered systems, and glassiness, especially in the ultracold-atomic setting.

Kenji Harada

I'm an assistant professor at Kyoto University and I'm interested in strongly correlated quantum systems (exotic quantum phase, phase transition) and computational approaches for them (in particular, loop algorithm and MERA).

Claire Lhuillier

Masaki Oshikawa

is a Professor at Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo.
Interested in entanglement entropy/spectrum, topological order, one-dimensional systems and conformal field theory, etc.

Marcos Rigol

is an assistant professor at Georgetown University interested in many-body correlated systems in and out of equilibrium and unbiased computational approaches.

Simon Trebst

is a member of Station Q whose interests are in topological order, frustrated magnetism, and computational approaches.

Christopher Varney

is a postdoc at Georgetown University / University of Maryland interested in strongly correlated systems, topological order, ultracold atoms, and computational methods.

Guifre Vidal

Stefan Wessel

is a research staff member at Stuttgart University interested in strongly correlated systems, quantum magnetism, spin liquids, cold atoms, topological order, non-equilibrium, and computational approaches